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External Affords

Resona funds independent projects in the global healthcare sector that are associated with Resona Pharmaceutical medical and/or research solutions to enhance patient outcomes in areas of unmet medical need.
The grant requester (and, eventually, the grantee) is responsible for the independent project funded by the grant, including its design, execution, sponsorship, and conduct, as well as any regulatory requirements.

Independent Programs

Resona supports independent programs (such as science, quality improvement, or education) by the global healthcare community to enhance patient outcomes in areas of unmet medical need that are consistent with Resona's medical and/or scientific strategies. Organizations are encouraged to submit an application that addresses the RFP's relevant deficiencies in science, practice, or treatment.


Partner With Us!

Resona is proud of its progress in forming partnerships with external organizations that share our goal of delivering breakthroughs that improve the lives of patients. We form collaborations with innovators to advance great science, and we're always looking for new partners that are working on big scientific innovations, skills, and technologies that could lead to new therapies for patients in need. Pfizer has several core areas of concern on which we'd like to collaborate with others.

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