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When it comes to the protection of Resona employees, even with a strong health record and a good safety record, there is still space for improvement. Ergonomic accidents are now the most common form of accident in manufacturing and R&D at Resona. We've been focusing on strengthening and prioritizing education programs to reduce lost-time and overall accident and illness rates.

We strive to do things like:

  • Maintain efficient control of potentially high-risk activities.

  • By carefully monitoring occupational exposure, you will ensure the health and well-being of your coworkers.

  • To protect workers from chemical contamination, have strict policies and controls in place.

Occupational Health

Resona Pharmaceutical Limited has always been dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to improve global health. We want Resona employees to bring their best selves to work every day to make a difference for everyone who relies on us. 


We must all be committed to our colleagues' wellbeing and welfare for them to be at their best. As a result, employee health and prevention are an important part of our company. Healthy Resona, our corporate wellness platform, gives employees the tools and support they need to stay healthy or boost their health.
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