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Responsibility to Global Health

Our mission is simple: to make breakthroughs that enhance the lives of patients. In the face of a complex health environment, we harness our assets—from drugs and vaccines to financial contributions and the experience of our colleagues—to help reinforce health services and expand access to high-quality healthcare for patients all over the world.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are vital components of a wider environmental and workforce sustainability plan that decreases the risk of harm to employees while also assisting them in remaining healthy, active, and efficient. We believe that a healthier and safer environment paves way for well being of the people.


We are committed to accountability policies that make our efforts public at Resona Pharmaceuticals. We adhere to a strict code of ethics that ensures regulatory compliance while establishing strategic relationships with NGOs, other foundations, governments, and individual contributors. We are also updating the policies every year on our website.

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